Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Missing David Broder

New York Post political writer Michael Goodwin commenting at Imprimis on the abysmal bias exhibited in most political reporting today. Hat tip to Charles Glasser, guest blogging at Instapundit, for the link.
Among the many firsts, last year’s election gave us the gobsmacking revelation that most of the mainstream media puts both thumbs on the scale—that most of what you read, watch, and listen to is distorted by intentional bias and hostility.

It’s not exactly breaking news that most journalists lean left.
Somewhere the ghost of David Broder wails in frustration. Whatever his personal opinions, in print and in person Broder treated politics as a neutral phenomenon like the weather. He dispassionately reported the who and what were actually happening, and as best he could decypher it, the why. Broder delivered real journalism, unlike today's opinion-driven advocacy masquerading as jourrnalism.