Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Snickers

Once again Steven Hayward brings forward his collection of cartoons, captioned photos, and posters in the spirit of conservative fun for Power Line readers. Some favorites described:

A fake ad for Depends incontinence products, featuring James Comey as spokesperson, captioned:
Man up with guards and shields for men
James Comey admits:
Sometimes I leak
A photo of the increasingly clueless Sen. John McCain, captioned:
Did Hillary help you hijack the plane?
Followed by a photo of a puzzled James Comey, captioned:
Followed by another photo of McCain, captioned:
I said, do you know the muffin man?
Photo of one of those church billboards with movable letters so you can build your own message each week, the sign reads:
When I find myself in tweets
O' trouble Mother Russia
Comes to me, speaking words
Of wisdom ... covfefe!
Two identical photos of earth as seen from space, the first is labeled:
Earth before Trump exits the Paris climate agreement
The second is labeled:
Earth after Trump exits the Paris climate agreement
Cartoon of a giant wolf wearing a headcloth with open mouth, labeled "Radical Islam." Traipsing into its mouth are four little lambs wearing respectively the flags of Germany, France, Britain, and Sweden, singing: "We're not wolfophobic." The whole cartoon is labeled "Death by Political Correctness."

Photo of three young, long-haired women, open carrying holstered hand guns, captioned:
Dear Muslim Rapists in Germany
Try That Sh*t in Texas and
We'll 'Change' Your Life.