Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sifting Through the Ruins

MoDo, more formally known as Maureen Dowd, writes bitchy snark for The New York Times, and leans left while doing it. However, like Ann Coulter on the right, MoDo is good at what she does, often entertaining as well as accurate.

Her most recent column says Democrats are as clueless as the Republicans, as evidenced by four consecutive special election losses. It's strong medicine for NYT readers, who aren't accustomed to such brutal realism.

Republicans are scarcely flawless but, all things considered, in politics winning beats losing every time. And having something you are for - MAGA - works better than having something you are against - Trump.

Trump instinctively lives rent-free in the heads of every politician, reporter and editor - nearly all Democrats. They know it, and can't figure out how to evict him. Virtually every story is about him, one way or another.