Friday, June 2, 2017

Travel Blogging II

Valletta, Malta:  Yesterday we visited what is the supposedly most ancient site of neolithic human archetecture on the planet. A temple (they think) on a promontory overlooking the sea, made of enormous blocks of limestone by a people who vanished a thousand years before the pyramids were built, two thousand years before Stonehenge.

The temple has the same "aligned with the solstices" feature as Stonehenge, sun worship seems to have been very widespread among early humans. Apparently the temple is one of many on this island, some 50 miles south of Sicily.

Archeologists are relatively certain Malta was settled from Sicily, as it can been seen from there on an exceptionally clear day. The way they describe that process is brutal: primitive boats didn't have an excellent chance of reaching Malta from Sicily. Probably many foundered and the occupants died. However, if you launch 70 such rafts or boats, some will make it, and viola, settlement has occurred.

Today we transit from hotel to ship, but remain here in port until tomorrow as we have more of Malta to see, the ship becomes our "hotel."