Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Travel Blogging V

Alongside in the harbor of Otranto: Otranto is on the back of the heel of the boot. We spent the day here, it's one of the upscale resort regions of Southern Italy. There are wonderful fortifications, walls, an ancient village, and a newer section all gathered around a yacht/fishing harbor and beach.

Grand Circle had it planned that we'd walk from our mooring to the village, then walk around it, then walk back - too much walking. I opted to stay aboard.

E decided I needed to see Otranto so we hired a tuk-tuk back into town in the afternoon. We saw the cathedral's mosaic tile flooring, the various sights, and came back to the ship not tired. Costly, but so what?

The Turks decapitated some 800 local people who wouldn't convert to Islam. The Church has declared them martyrs to the faith. Not sure if that makes them saints. I wisecracked to our driver that Italy was again being invaded by the same aggressive faith, but he just looked blank, nonplussed. His English was perfunctory.