Thursday, June 29, 2017

Unlikely to Matter

Finally, somebody in the MSM gets it. Rick Klein at ABC News writes the following about the latest Trump tweet flap. Hat tip to for the link.
We’ve been here before. It’s happened often enough to recognize the pattern -- tweet, denounce, defend, repeat -- and to recognize this episode is highly unlikely to matter beyond the next news cycle or so.

It doesn’t mean there’s an excuse for the president’s behavior, and it doesn’t mean he’s got a strategy in mind. But the White House response to the Trump barrage serves as a reminder that the perception of Trump as a counter-puncher is part of his appeal, and an image he cultivates to great effect.
As long as Trump is the target of the MSM's ad hominem attacks, he will keep hitting back hard and ugly. Trump's got the typical New Yorker's chip-on-shoulder, nobody-pushes-me-around 'tude. He ran that way, he'll govern that way ... deal with it.