Monday, November 3, 2008

A Campaign Valedictory

Okay, the long, long, long presidential campaign is over. We have had all manner of teapot tempests and seven-day-wonders, rumors and gaffes. Both vice presidential picks turned out to be at least somewhat embarrassing. People like Hillary and Rudy who were supposed to be winners, turned out to be losers.

Now the voters get to have their say for real, not just to pollsters. A lot of us have voted already, my absentee ballot went off to Wyoming weeks ago. The rest will vote tomorrow. Then we'll add up the results and see what it all means.

A quick prediction: the United States of America will survive four years of whichever of these two second-raters is elected. We survived Nixon and Carter, we can survive Obama or McCain. A second prediction: it won't be pretty.