Monday, November 17, 2008

Two Out of Three Isn't Bad

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is thought to be one of the GOP's rising stars. In this article, coming out of an appearance on CBS News' Face the Nation, Jindal offers his Rx for the party in three points:
Number one, we have got to stop defending the kind of ... out-of-control spending that we would never tolerate in the other side.
He got that point right. His second point:
Number two, we've got to stop defending the kinds of corruption we would rightfully criticize in the other party.
That is two right out of three, he is on a roll. And his third point:
Number three, we have got to be the party that offers real solutions to the problems that American voters ... are worried about. We don't need to abandon our conservative principles; we can't just be the 'party of no.'
I am less sure Jindal is right on this one. Republicans are the "daddy" party and good daddies have to say "no" with some frequency. It isn't always popular when they say it, but it needs saying nonetheless. If the voters sometimes prefer mommy to daddy, we shouldn't be surprised or alarmed.