Friday, December 19, 2008

Anthropocentrism Debunked

Check out this Business & Media Institute article reporting the views of a CNN meteorologist, Chad Myers, who is certified by the American Meteorologists Society. He opines:
To think that we could affect weather all that much is pretty arrogant.

Another climate expert, a Dr. Jay Lehr, elaborates:
If we go back really, in recorded human history, in the 13th Century, we were probably 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than we are now and it was a very prosperous time for mankind. If go back to the Revolutionary War 300 years ago, it was very, very cold. We’ve been warming out of that cold spell from the Revolutionary War period and now we’re back into a cooling cycle.
And why does Lehr think this happens? Does he blame humans?
The last 10 years have been quite cool. And right now, I think we’re going into cooling rather than warming and that should be a much greater concern for humankind. But, all we can do is adapt. It is the sun that does it, not man (emphasis added).

As this Bloomberg article reports, our new President has selected a rabid climate anthropocentrist as his primary science advisor. That suggests we will see our government taking vigorous action against a dubious-at-best problem, over which we likely have no actual control.