Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travel Blogging: Coda

So the big trip is over, but our colds are not. Doing the long plane flight on the front end of the trip, when one is fresh and enthused, works out great. Coming home can be a downer anyway, so keeping that flight short is desirable. Today's flight was decorated with a crying baby in the next row, one of life's little joys. It caused me to remember how slowly time passed when I was small, entirely too many years ago.

If you would like to see photos from our trip, go to the other DrC's blog which is found at

Now it is time to stop travel blogging for a few days, and do some political blogging. Can you say Blagojevich? Blah-GOY-a-vich comes close.

Are you finding it hard to believe that a U.S. Senator and a Governor, both from the same political party and representing the same state, have hardly said more than "Hi" to each other? That seems highly improbable to me; given the level of improbablility, I'd say the burden of proof is on the individuals in question.

The presumption would be that they would consult, schmooze and strategize with some frequency. If Obama wants us to believe something that is very unlikely, it is up to him to prove that he truly has had little contact with the same-party Governor of his state, Illinois.

At this point, I remain unconvinced.