Saturday, December 20, 2008

Travel Blogging I

Heigh-ho, we are off to ancient Egypt. I write this sitting in the Swiss Air Gold lounge viewing JFK airport through giant floor to ceiling windows. The view is of snow-covered ground, plowed runways, large planes from everywhere in the world, and all of the odd vehicles which call airports home.

The temperature out there is in the mid to low twenties (negative temps in Celsius) and headed down into the teens. Those are cold temperatures for a pair of native Californians. In about two hours we board a flight that will last 12 hours and on the other end the temperatures will be in the 70s. Call this trip "Great-great-grandson of Run for the Sun." We've been snowbirding most of our married life.

The DrsC are merely passengers and tourists on this trip; we plan to deliver no lectures but may listen to several. We've met some of our fellow travelers, a family named Lee from CA, three generations. The Internet doesn't say nice things about Egypt Air, I hope for our sake those pans represent the occasional sorehead, instead of the normal view of EA. Traveling as we are under the auspices of a tour firm, Grand Circle, we don't get a choice of airline - alas. I am reminded of the wisecrack an astronaut was supposed to have made just before blastoff, "A vehicle built by the lowest bidder doesn't engender confidence." I'm sure they book us on the airline with the lowest fares.