Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Greetings

Dateline Cairo: Merry Christmas to all of our regular (and new) readers. What follows are some random thoughts.

You'd expect political news to be somewhat quiet at this time of year. However the president-elect and his close advisors seem to have stepped in some metaphorical doggy poo with the totally charming Illinois governor. Obama, Emmanuel and Blagojevich, isn't the melting pot wonderful?

Ya gotta love Obama; he is so attuned to our needs that he 'manufactured' a scandal just to stay front and center in our attention. Then to top that he took a cue from Putin and appeared topless in Hawaii. What a guy! Perhaps the next four years will be fun after all, at least for the chattering class and its auxiliary in the blogosphere (us).

Can the first sex scandal of this administration, always a Democratic speciality, be far away? Remember when Bill C. starred as the Lecher in Chief? Who can forget the "presidue" on the blue dress? The intern follies? Questions about the meaning of "is?"

Enough nostalgia, I'm sure the next four years will have their own happy moments and on that cheerful note, let me wish you all Happy New Year.