Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crying for Argentina

For those of you who follow the sad downward spiral of Argentina, Jaime Daremblum has a good article in The Weekly Standard. As regular COTTonLINE readers know, we're observers of the self-destructive politics of that otherwise beautiful land.

President Kirchner's Peronism is a blend of socialism and fascism. Daremblum summarizes the anti-democratic behaviors of the Cristina Kirchner government, and the popular protests against them.

One is compelled to wonder if Argentina is headed for the same sort of middle-class revolution that overthrew leftest Chilean President Salvador Allende. A few years ago when the other DrC and I traveled in Argentina, I remember our decidedly middle-class guide saying he was paid in U.S. dollars, most of which he kept outside the country for safety.