Monday, November 5, 2012

Noonan Scores for Romney

Y'all know I like Peggy Noonan's Wall Street Journal columns, even though the quality is variable. Her weekly column normally comes out on Thursday or Friday and last week it was okay but not spectacular.

Today she writes one out-of-cycle in anticipation of tomorrow's election. Today's column is a honey, when I finished reading it I had tears in my eyes. Let me quote a couple of choice sections:
Nobody knows anything. Everyone’s guessing.

Is it possible this whole thing is playing out before our eyes and we’re not really noticing because we’re too busy looking at data on paper instead of what’s in front of us? Maybe that’s the real distortion of the polls this year: They left us discounting the world around us.

There is Obama, out there seeming tired and wan, showing up through sheer self discipline. (snip) He read the field perfectly in 2008. He would know if he’s losing now, and it would explain his joylessness on the stump. He is out there doing what he has to to fight the fight. But he’s still trying to fire up the base when he ought to be wooing the center.
I don't know if she's right, Noonan doesn't either and says as much up front. If you only read one column before this election, make it this one.