Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote for Manager Mitt

In the previous entry I said I sometimes have to hold my nose to vote the way I do. Not this year, not with Romney - he's a manager.

I spent my whole career training people like Mitt Romney, although most weren't as good as I believe him to be. Managers are people who figure out what needs to be done and decide what people and resources are needed to make it happen.

Many couldn't understand what Republican Romney was doing putting in place something like Obamacare in Massachusetts. I think I know. 

Romney was a Republican but Massachusetts was Democratic and wanted socialized medicine. Instead of being an ideologue, Governor Romney said the people who elected me want socialized medicine, I will get it for them, and he did. That's what managers do, get the job that needs doing done.

I think there is a chance a President Romney can get the job done for the United States. We have four years of evidence that President Obama, for whatever reason, does not get our job done. 
Let's give Mitt a chance.