Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Snickers

Once again, Steven Hayward has brought forth his collection of timely cartoons, captioned photos and pithy sayings, at Power Line. Here are a few of my favorites, described:

A photo of a smug-looking Hillary captioned:
My poll numbers are dropping faster
Than Bill's pants around an intern.
 A photo of O.J. Simpson captioned:
I was just extremely careless.
Cartoon of little girl running in horror from a Women's room, while a 'woman' with a heavy five o'clock shadow yells out the door at her:
Photo of two hairy-chested GIs wearing berets and camo dresses holding, respectively, a paint brush and a paint roller, posing during a break while painting a Humvee bright pink, captioned:
Obama's Army
A photo of Leslie Nielsen captioned:
I put my phone in 
airplane mode 
and now it calls me