Friday, November 29, 2013

Europe's Gypsies

The Global Post, reliably liberal as always, has an article about all the terrible things European politicians have recently said about the Roma (gypsies). If you've not been to Europe and seen the situation on the ground, reading the article will shock you.

On the other hand, if as I have you've seen the Roma squatter favelas made of plastic and plywood, with no plumbing and mud everywhere; if you've been accosted by Roma children carefully coached in the fine art of begging and thievery, if you've watched a Rom step out of his RV and urinate on the ground in full view of 100 tourists eating breakfast in our river cruise ship, you may have a more nuanced reaction.

The Roma are a problem for Europe. While I probably would not have said what these European politicians said, I do understand from where these feelings arise.

My observations in Europe tell me the Roma do not choose to become Europeans and live as such, that much is plain. Many live an outlaw lifestyle which pays little attention to what is lawful or sanitary, and is essentially parasitic.

Many European politicians who didn't say racist things, and aren't therefore quoted in this article, probably think similar thoughts.