Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Trend in Two Headlines

Instapundit posts two headlines which, taken together, tell #nevertrump Republicans they’ve become people without a party. The first, from the Washington Examiner, relates Rasmussen Reports poll findings;

It’s Trump’s party: 72% say he is GOP’s ‘role model’

The second, from The Floridian, reports Gallup polling which finds: 

Gallup Poll: Trump Is 2020 Most Admired Man, Ending Obama’s 12-Year Run

In many ways this may represent as large a shift in party identity as was the rebranding of Southern Democrats as Republicans during the Reagan years. Democrats no longer represent working class Whites, but they’re gaining a foothold among country club Whites, meanwhile surprising numbers of non-Whites are voting GOP.

The fate of #nevertrump Republicans resembles that of northern liberal Republicans during the Reagan years. Mitt Romney, former governor of notoriously blue Massachusetts, is the poster boy of these die-hards. My friends in Utah swear he’ll not be re-elected senator.