Friday, December 18, 2020


I haven’t posted anything for several days, mostly because I’ve been too busy doing stuff on a project that will be revealed early in the new year. That plus the blahs that follow an election that turns out the way I hoped it wouldn’t.

One thing I’ve noticed in following, if not reacting to, the political news is that president-elect Biden is naming relatively non-controversial-for-Democrats long-time swamp dwellers to various cabinet posts. So far there have been few firebrands or bomb-throwing leftists. They’ve mostly been Obama-era retreads.

It is not too much to hope that perhaps Biden wasn’t kidding when he said “you know me” in refuting claims of him being socialist. Taking his appointees as some signal of where he proposes to take the government, it looks a bit like the same old, tired stuff from an old, tired Democrat. Meaning: not good, but not world-ending disastrous either, 

Assuming my tea-leaf reading is correct, you have to wonder how long the Bernie Sanders/AOC wing of the D party will stay in the “big tent” that, like Peanuts’ Lucy holding the football, keeps promising to enact their program and never actually does so.

We’ll know more after Georgia votes in early January, Mitch McConnell vs. Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader will make a difference.