Saturday, December 5, 2020

Update, Updated

Zion NP was gorgeous today, bluebird blue skies, warm sunshine, sorta crowded when we first got there, 90 minutes later quite uncrowded. Why or even how it changed so abruptly I have no clue. 

Deer were quietly grazing the meadows alongside the Virgin River, the other DrC got an excellent photo of a buck with a very picturesque rack of antlers. He was resting after the rut, basking in the afternoon sun. I noted the Indian-built stone and mud cache up on a shelf is still there all these many years later.

The drive to and from Zion in our friends’ newish Mercedes SUV was pleasant. That’s a very civilized car for four people on a day’s road trip. 

Tomorrow we have more “business” to transact locally, and then on Monday it’s 12 hours of F-350 windshield time back to CA. These are busy weeks.