Friday, December 18, 2020

Movin’, Movin’, Movin’, ‘Cause We’re Disapprovin’

The “business” I’ve hinted at over the last several weeks is now out in the open. The DrsC - both CA natives - have decided it is no longer prudent to have our winter place in California. 

The state is badly governed, overrun with homeless, and increasingly unsafe. CA chooses to be on the “woke” frontier, that’s a place we have no wish to be. It is a sad outcome for a place with fantastic natural assets.

Our house and barn are empty, our belongings in storage and, as the other DrC pictures on her blog, the house is staged to display well to potential buyers. We have decamped to our RV, parked some 30-40 yards from the house, where we have a “three point hookup” (RVer slang for water, power, and sewer). 

There we’ll live in splendid Covid-safe isolation, while the house stays pristine for its ‘closeup.’ When it sells and escrow closes, we’ll move the RV to another site, and head to our WY home after the thaw happens there.

Meanwhile a new house is a-building for us in Nevada, at a Del Webb Sun City some 40+ miles south of St. George, UT. It will be our new winter place located on the northeastern edge of the Mojave at about 1600 ft. elevation. Like our CA place, the new place has a fantastic hilltop panoramic view.

Getting this far along has been a lot of work for a couple of senior citizens. Imagine all the “stuff” that has accumulated at the place we built 33 years ago and have owned and occupied most of the year until retirement and nearly half the year since then. 

We haven’t been “packrats” but we’re throwing or giving away thousands of pounds of things mostly worth having but not worth moving. In an odd way the process is liberating. Hat tip to the theme from Rawhide for my title, this time we are the “dogies.”