Friday, December 11, 2020

Now They Tell Us

I hope you realize the extent to which most of the mainstream media intentionally withheld from Democrat voters information about Biden family corruption until after the election. Now they begin to report it, here and here

We learn Hunter Biden and James Biden - the supposed president-elect’s son and brother respectively - are under IRS and FBI investigation. Investigation for things it was widely known they had done improperly in monetizing Joe’s Obama connection, and, they claim, sharing with him the resultant ill-gotten gains.

Is it overly paranoid to imagine this was the DNC’s plan all along? Elect bland, blithering Biden, begin to report the Biden family misdeeds, get Joe inaugurated, find the family corrupt, force his resignation, and Kamala Harris becomes president. 

It is probably the only way to slide Willy Brown’s side piece into the Oval Office. Harris had so little electoral appeal to Democrats she dropped out of the race for their nomination before the Iowa caucuses and the first primary vote was cast.

Many have posted examples of the mainstream propaganda feed insisting - before the election - the claimed Biden family corruption was a myth, merely a political smear. It wasn’t, it isn’t, and half of us knew it. The other half were played, big time, by the “Democrats with by-lines” in the print and broadcast media. 

Instapundit renders the following judgment on this disgrace:

Many voters will — with basis — regard a Biden presidency as tainted by this concerted effort on the part of both Big Media and social media companies to keep voters uninformed pre-election.

Stephen Green, in his PJ Media column Insanity Wrap, designates our president-elect "Joe Asterisk" using the sports label for someone whose title is less-than-fully-earned.