Saturday, September 24, 2016

Barone: A Clinton Loss Could Be Devastating

Writing in The New York Post, the always interesting Michael Barone hints at an intriguing-to-conservatives prediction, in the event of a Hillary loss in November.
It’s possible that a post-2016 Democratic Party could look like Britain’s Labor Party, which has abandoned the New Labor posture of Tony Blair that produced three landslide victories in 1997, 2001 and 2005. Now, under far-left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn, the party seems headed for landslide defeat in 2020.
The Labor Party has evolved (retreated?) from a political party to a movement, with a movement's typical firebrand leader - Corbyn. In the short-to-medium run they have no chance of electing a U.K. government. What a gas if the Democrats did that same evolution here.

WSJ: Trump the Change Candidate

Holman Jenkins has been writing opinion for The Wall Street Journal for decades. Today he argues that today's gloomy events make a vote for Trump look increasingly like a risky but reasonable bet.
At bottom, it’s this rottenness of American political culture that allows Mr. Trump, for all his flaws as a candidate and human being, to find traction with so many voters. Not because he’s a uniquely attractive individual, but because he’s uniquely willing to violate the political taboos and challenge the status quo. Indeed, his most insidious offense may be his suggestion that some problems aren’t intractable.
FDR made the same insidious suggestion during the Depression, and was elected to four consecutive terms. Like Roosevelt, Trump is an anti-gridlock candidate, he believes problems can be solved, obstacles overcome.

Apparently WSJ is coming around to support Trump, even as Sen. Cruz has recently done. Like Samuel Johnson's "impending hanging," the impending election of Hillary Clinton has the oft-noted ability to "focus the mind."

Saturday Snickers

Each week Steven Hayward of Power Line compiles a set of recaptioned photos, cartoons, and snarky sayings for our enjoyment. In those weeks were a few of these particularly tickle my fancy, I share those few with you.

A cartoon of an ambulance headed down the road, being driven by a donkey and with Hillary looking out the back window. It is captioned:
Back on the campaign trail
Two photos of Hillary Clinton in a shapeless, baggy pink chenille coatdress, apparently designed to conceal a colostomy tube. The photos are captioned:
The fact Hillary bought this dress proves she cannot be trusted with our money ...
A screen capture of a photo of Hillary being assisted up some steps by two handlers, as appearing on Wolf Blitzer's CNN show, where the chyron says:
Hillary helps two men up stairs. 
Iconic photos of the faces of Hillary and Donald. She says:
1/2 of Trump's supporters are deplorable.
He says:
1/2 of Hillary's supporters are deportable.
And finally, a photo of a young, bearded, outdoorsy type with backpack, captioned:
I am so glad that I don't have to actually hunt
I have no clue where gluten-free tacos live

Friday, September 23, 2016

Stop and Frisk

Donald Trump has indicated he'd favor making so-called "stop and frisk" policing a national phenomenon.  This is also referred to as "broken windows" policing - cracking down on minor offenses as a way of discouraging major offenses. Looking for concealed weapons on loitering young men (and women).

If you needed another reason to vote for Trump, this could be it. When Giuliani pushed this approach in NYC the crime rate for major crimes - murder, arson, assault - dropped dramatically. It has worked elsewhere too, but is unpopular with police-resenting civil rights advocates. As we know, Giuliani is advising Trump, perhaps might end up as Trump's Attorney General.

Cruz Will Vote for Trump

Various news outlets are reporting Texas Senator Ted Cruz has announced he will vote for Donald Trump. Trump has graciously accepted Cruz's endorsement and said some nice things about him as a competitor. This is good.

Cruz was the preferred candidate of conservative purists during the primaries. His endorsement will make it easier for some of the #NeverTrump people to hold their collective noses and vote for Big Don. Perhaps even enable some of the die-hards at Weekly Standard and National Review to reconsider.

At the end of the day, Trump is preferable to Clinton, particularly with regard to Supreme Court appointments. And he won't go around the world apologizing for doing what needed to be done.

I am not normally in the business of making predictions. That said, it is entirely possible Trump may be able to put together a majority coalition that can win presidential elections for several cycles. It is to be hoped his far-from-doctrinaire ideology might do the trick.

Real Police Bias

Are the police racist? You see articles that argue "no," like this by Heather MacDonald, and others that argue "yes," like this by Sherrilyn Ifill. For what it's worth, I'd argue they are not.

What police have a quite strong bias against is loud, belligerent, hostile behavior, particularly by young men, especially if those young men are "on" something - alcohol or drugs. Police are also prejudiced, by profession, against real or apparent criminal behavior.

If a particular demographic is more likely to be exhibiting those behaviors, it is likely to attract unwanted (and sometimes unwarranted) police attention, as we have noted in past posts.

As hammers seek out nails, so too do police seek out hoodlums, it is their job. If you are a law-abiding member of a troublesome demographic, expect unwanted and unwarranted police attention, keep both empty hands in plain sight, exercise care and make no sudden moves or stupid statements.

Most Immigrants a Net Loss to U.S.

A John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation-supported think tank, The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, has issued a report examining the economic impact of immigration. It's a long report, nearly 500 pages, and the authors did their best to bury, to obfuscate the negative impacts of immigration.

Fortunately, the diligent folks at Breitbart have done the digging for us, and here's what they found:
It shows how each new unskilled immigrant costs state and local taxpayers $1,600 per year. It shows how the annual cost of legal and illegal immigration to state and local taxpayer is at least $57 billion, and that each unskilled immigrant is a net loss to taxpayers for the next 75 years.

Immigration cuts working Americans’ wages by roughly 5.2 percent per year, or a total of $500 billion per year. That $500 billion ‘immigration tax’ is scooped up by new low-wage immigrants and by the owners of companies which employ the new immigrants.

Deep in the report, it says that state and local taxpayers lose at least $57 billion per year hosting the current wave of legal and illegal immigrants, because the migrants can’t earn enough money or pay enough taxes to fund the various benefits they and their children get from American taxpayers.
Most of us supporting Trump already knew this intuitively, but it is good to have empirical confirmation of our belief. Victor Davis Hanson has been telling us this for years.

It's time for us to be selective about immigrants, as Australia is. We should admit "makers," not "takers." Build the wall.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Grudging Admission

The Washington Examiner reports the comments of a former Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico - Jorge CastaƱeda - regarding Trump's promise to build the wall and deport a large number of criminal illegal aliens.
The wall is a perfectly feasible promise to fulfill. (snip) If he really wants Mexicans to pay for the wall, he has many ways of getting many Mexicans to pay for the wall, increasing the fee for visas...increasing the toll on the bridges..taxing remittances.

Actually today you have somewhere like 40 percent of the 1,700 mile wall that is already there. So why can't Trump do what he has promised to do if his three predecessors did a lot of it without wanting to?

He certainly could deport twice as many as Obama, why not, why not? Everybody knows where they are, it's very easy to find them. It's expensive, but it's not outrageously expensive and you could pressure a bunch of people including my country into paying for part of it and taking them back.
Well ... all right, then.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Good Polls

RealClearPolitics' average of recent polls has Donald Trump ahead in seven battleground states, Hillary Clinton ahead in six, and a tie in one. He still has the momentum in this race.

RCP is pretty conservative, not so much politically as methodologically. He is probaby ahead in more than seven.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Willful Blindness

Bombings in NYC, stabbings in St. Cloud, MN, and the victims in both cases were unknown to the attacker. The authorities claim to be unclear about the motives of the perpetrators, both of whom are Islamic.  When someone kills strangers, isn't terrorism the first thing you think of, particularly if they're Muslim?

People in authority are warning about anti-Muslim backlash, as though that wouldn't be justified if it occurred. Our society is being run by morons - people with SJW credentials and no common sense whatsoever.

We need a thorough housecleaning in Washington and in the various state houses and city halls. The losers now in office need to go work for the ACLU, Greenpeace or some NGO where they cannot do much harm.

We need as their replacements people who understand the problem and aren't afraid to name it. Who worry more about protecting the innocent and law-abiding than perpetrators' rights.

And the Law and Order candidate in November is named Donald Trump. He's advised by Rudy Giuliani, a law and order mayor and possible Trump Attorney General.

WaPo: Hillary Tells Dreadful Lies

Marc A. Thiessen writes opinion for The Washington Post. Today his topic is this:
Hillary Clinton, who tells dreadful lies
Thiessen reminds us of Hillaire Belloc's Matilda, a little girl who told dreadful lies and, like the boy who cried wolf, died horribly as a result. He then documents Clinton's history of public lying going back to Whitewater and Bill's first term, and continuing to the present moment, with references cited so you can check out each fib for yourself.

Thiessen quotes poll findings which show only 11% of Americans believe she is truthful, whereas 14% believe in Bigfoot. His point, there are a few credulous souls who'll believe anything, including Hillary's tarradiddles. They're likely National Enquirer devotees.

Hard Choices

RealClearWorld carries a column by Ronald Tiersky which argues this premise:
ISIS's Deadliest Weapon Is the Idea of Heaven
Presume, for a moment, that you accept that premise. What is the logical response? Genocide, or ethnocide, or whatever you call the mass murder of believers, is the logical response. Repugnant doesn't begin to cover it.

What if the alternative is that they win? If your alternatives dwindle down to dying or converting? At what point do we conclude if somebody has to die, it's better if they die? Do you sense the rock and the hard place getting closer together?

The Trump Ideas ... What Matters

Writing in Politico Magazine, Joshua Mitchell summarizes Trump's platform in 6 key ideas, and argues that attention must be paid. The six are:
(1) borders matter
(2) immigration policy matters
(3) national interests, not so-called universal interests, matter
(4) entrepreneurship matters
(5) decentralization matters
(6) PC speech—without which identity politics is inconceivable—must be repudiated
I don't know about you; to me those seem like good beliefs from which to evolve policy. I'll vote for that program, and its spokesman. If you read COTTonLINE with any regularity, you probably will too.

Joint Chiefs Enable Obama's Denial

Sen. Lindsey Graham interviewing the four military branch Chiefs of Staff, before the Senate Armed Forces Committee, as reported by The Washington Times. Hat tip to for the link.
As the four armed forces chiefs testified in the Senate about the national security dangers of mandated budget caps, Sen. Lindsey Graham asked each officer if he had discussed the readiness crisis with President Obama.

"Have you told the president what you’re telling us about the state of the military under sequestration?” asked Mr. Graham, South Carolina Republican. “Have you had a conversation with the commander in chief, telling him what you just told us?”

Army Gen. Mark Milley was the first to answer. “I have not personally had a conversation.” As Mr. Graham’s roll call continued, Navy Adm. John Richardson, Marine Corps. Gen. Robert Neller and Air Force Gen. David Goldfein gave the same answer: “No.”
No kidding. They know what their boss does and doesn't want to hear, and they don't give him any bad news. He has a track record of firing flag officers who do so.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Unequal Treatment

President Obama asks African-American voters to vote for Hillary Clinton, to defend his legacy. How is this not racism?

Suppose George Bush asked white Americans to vote for Trump to defend his (Bush') legacy. Wouldn't the MSM call thar racism? You bet they would, and they'd be right.

Question: How is it okay for Obama to play the race card, but whites aren't allowed the same privilege? This isn't equal treatment.

Hat tip to long-time friend Earl for the thought, which I've taken the liberty of paraphrasing loosely.


Right after the Republican convention Trump had some bad weeks, more recently Clinton has had some bad weeks. Her poll numbers are down, his are up.

Trump seems to be gaining ground in the so-called "battleground states," the ones that can swing either way. He is even doing better in Colorado, which the "wise men" said was long gone blue. He is unbelievably gaining ground with black voters, a group the GOP had basically written off.

His good fortune is really getting up the nose of the MSM, it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch. I'm not getting my hopes up too much, the time between now and early November is an eternity in politics.

Editorial Note

The DrsC are migratory "snowbirds," when the snow falls, we fly. When winter extends its first icy tentacles and we get a hard frost, as it has done at our 6000 ft. elevation in the western Wyoming Rockies, we head for warmer locales, normally northern Califorinia.

We are in the middle of that process now. As a result of hours spent on the road and indifferent Internet connections at RV parks, posts to this blog will be thin for a couple of days.

We left behind the brief glory that is autumn in the high country, the mountain maple turning orangish-red across the south-facing slopes, the pale green of the aspens beginning to yellow, the sunlight taking on a faint amber tone. See photos of this spendor at the other DrC's blog:

As I write this in northern Nevada, we've already returned to almost hot weather. Heat will definitely be our lot in NorCal, it won't reliably cool off there until November. Not complaining, we decided when we retired to spend our lives in climates approximating late spring as close to year-round as possible, and we've succeeded. You are permitted to envy, if so inclined.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

November Dreamin'

I was just imagining all the exploding heads inside the Beltway if Donald Trump manages to win in November. All the #NeverTrump'ers and pundits who found him distasteful, all the SJWs who believe their world will end. Their reactions will be priceless; the schadenfreude will be exquisite.

Gosh, I hope lots of progressives emigrate, although I'm nearly certain few will do so when the time comes. And the angst in foreign capitals will be the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae.

The Call of the Wild

Canada's National Post reports the story of a worker at a mining camp in northern Saskatchewan being attacked by a wolf. Fortunately a security guard heard the ruckus, scared it away, and the attackee survived.

The article rehashes the party line that wolves never attack humans, debunks it, indicates circumstances under which they may do so, and indicates Parks Canada works at keeping wolf packs out of the human areas in Banff and Jasper.

It cannot be an accident that our ancestors hunted wolves almost to extinction and feared them a great deal. With the low tech at their disposal, doing that took a lot of work and energy; it was done to protect human lives and livestock.

Our greens and PETA activists have gotten wolves reintroduced in many places here and overseas. People who camp, hunt, fish, and run crosscountry will pay the price in wolf attacks and deaths.

Fido's big older brother is a formidable predator, both strong and wily.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Tony Yapias is a prominent Utah Hispanic activist who has protested Trump's characterization of illegal immigrants as rapists and criminals. He was recently arrested for rape and evidence tampering.

See the story of his protests in The Salt Lake Tribune.  See the story of his arrest at the Salt Lake City Fox TV website. Hat tip to The Conservative Treehouse for the links.

Wouldn't you think living down to Trump's invidious characterization would be beneath the Director of Proyecto Latino de Utah? Evidently not. Truly, a novelist who wrote this plot line would be ridiculed.