Friday, March 4, 2016

COTTonLINE Endorses Cruz

It is widely reported Trump didn't have a particularly good debate in Detroit, and Cruz did very well indeed. Will it matter? I hope so.

I happen to believe Cruz is a serious guy who sticks to his conservative positions like glue, whereas The Donald waffles, takes both sides of an issue, tries to have it both ways. Oddly, Cruz's seriousness makes him even less popular with the GOP establishment than Trump, if you can believe it.

Are there things about Cruz I could do without? Certainly. Is he perfect? Not even close. That said, I think him the best of those still standing, clearly smart-as-anything, youngish and energetic. I like that Cruz lacks the chip-on-the-shoulder hostility of Trump who is your basic ball-busting New Yorker.

I'm sure I'd get very tired of Trump in office for four years. However, if Trump's the nominee I will vote for him as the lesser of two evils, the same dreary choice I face most electoral cycles.