Saturday, March 12, 2016

Funny Stuff

Once a week, typically on Saturday, Steven Hayward who blogs at Power Line comes forth with a collection of funny stuff, cartoons, recaptioned photos, interesting juxtapositions, etc. Some choice gleanings from his collection this week.

Over a photo of Hillary Clinton the following recaption:
If you think any one of my lies will hurt my campaign, you don't know how dumb liberals are, do you?
Over a photo of Bill Clinton looking puzzled:
I have just one question for Democrat voters: Why are you so loyal to my wife? I never was ... why are you?
Two photos, the first of Donald Trump standing before a Trump University sign, the second of Bernie Sanders campaigning.
Trump is labeled:
Wants to sell you a worthless degree.
Sanders is labeled:
Wants to make every degree worthless.
A Monopoly board with the large center square overprinted as follows:
You're playing Monopoly.
After every trip around the board you pass GO. If you're the leader you must give one piece of property to the player with the least property. Same goes for houses, hotels, etc. Instead of collecting $200 you pay income tax of 35% to be split between the other players.
Soon no one is buying property, houses or hotels. Eventually everyone quits trying and just waits for their handout when someone else passes GO.
Over a photo of a faux news anchor from comedy TV, this split caption:
The man who invented Autocorrect has died.
His funfair is next Monkey.