Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Historian Says Trump Ho-Hum, Not Horrid

Everybody has to have their say about Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner. Now it is historian Victor Davis Hanson's turn in National Review. Hanson points out that Trump is no more outrageous than Obama, or Johnson, or FDR. See VDH's conclusion:
I would not vote for Donald Trump in the primary, given that I have no idea what he would do as president and thus most certainly hope he does not get the nomination. But he seems about on par with the current president, in terms of reckless speeches, inexperience, crudity, and cluelessness.
And unlike the candidate Obama, Trump actually has real accomplishments to his credit. Hanson concludes Trump isn't sui generis, he's the normal flawed human who runs for high office.

If you don't believe it, compare Trumpisms with VDH's list of recent past presidential indiscretions. His quotes of outrageous, inappropriate statements by Sanders, Clinton, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are lulus.