Friday, March 11, 2016

NR ... Too Late, Again

An Open Letter to National Review:

In many ways, Bill Buckley's magazine National Review has been the house organ of American conservatism. On January 22, National Review published an issue devoted to the "anybody but Donald Trump" concept. At the time we noted we believed it may have been too late, by some months.

Today National Review is out with an issue endorsing the candidacy of Ted Cruz. Once again we ask, are you not too late to do any good?

Cruz could have used your help some weeks ago, when NR's poobahs still harbored hopes for little Mario Rubio. Now, when it is clear only Cruz has any chance of catching Trump, or being able to lay any legitimate claim to the Republican mantle at a convention-that-matters, your endorsement merely looks opportunistic.

Heads up, guys! A late endorsement does not constitute leadership on your part, as an earlier one would have. It is sad to see the hard times upon which NR has fallen.