Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday Prelim Results

As I write this at just after 7 p.m. Pacific Time (10 in the East), Trump has won five states (GA, VA, MA, TN, and AL), Cruz has won two (TX and OK), and four states remain to be called (AK, VT, MN, and AR).

On the left side, Clinton has won six states (TX, GA, VA, TN, AL, and AR). Sanders has won two (VT and OK), while MN, CO, and MA remain to be called. My source for all this: RealClearPolitics.

As I write Marco Rubio, the darling last, best hope of the establishment, has won nothing and only managed a second place finish in VA. Cruz won two, noted above, and placed second to Trump four times (GA, TN, and AL). It appears Kasich will get a second place finish in VT and MA.

Presuming the evening concludes as it has begun, Trump will then occupy a commanding position with only Cruz having a shot at catching him. Rubio, Kasich and Carson may well soldier on because they enjoy the process (or can't think what else to do), but they aren't going to influence the outcome.

Sanders says he'll continue and, because his campaign is ideologically driven, he may well choose to do so. His point is to influence the national dialog and, evidence suggests, he is accomplishing that. In the process, he is pulling the Democrat party and Hillary to the left. It is to be hoped doing so will make Clinton less electable, as we're a center-right country.