Thursday, August 16, 2007

Broder on Fred Thompson

The Washington Post's David Broder is the dean of mainstream Washington political journalists. His knowledge of American politics is legendary. He reports on a two hour interview he conducted with soon-to-be candidate for the Republican presidential nomination Fred Thompson. Considering that he writes for a key member of the MSM with a liberal editorial policy, Broder has a relatively positive response to Thompson.

Broder quotes Thompson as follows:
There's no reason for me to run just to be president. I don't desire the emoluments of the office. I don't want to live a lie and clever my way to the nomination or election. But if you can put your ideas out there -- different, more far-reaching ideas -- that is worth doing.

Thompson waiting until September to announce his candidacy will either turn out to be a masterstroke or a disaster, nobody yet knows which. I hope for all our sakes it turns out well.