Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here Comes Fred Thompson

An event we've been waiting for will apparently occur next week, and may have been put in motion today. It is reported that Fred Thompson will announce on September 6. This gives him a good excuse to miss the New Hampshire GOP debate on September 5. You can't blame him for not wanting to share a stage with political irrelevancies like Brownback, Tancredo and Paul.

According to this Associated Press article on, Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President next week. Another source, on the Red State blog, says close supporters and insiders are being notified today by phone. Jonathan Martin, writing on The Politico website, says a campaign source has told him the formal announcement will happen on September 6. Finally, The Trail, a WaPo website, says he may announce on Leno on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

Now we will learn whether the wait has been worth it. Is Fred Thompson this generation's Ronald Reagan or just a tall Southern politician with some acting credits? For the sake of us former idealists who've been mugged by reality, I hope he is a Reagan clone.