Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More on Canadians Moving to the U.S.

James Taranto, intrepid editor of The Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal online, takes the story from ABC News cited earlier today - about migration to and from Canada - and does a superior job of analyzing the figures. About the fact that 2.5 times as many Canadians move south as Americans move north, Taranto concludes
These numbers actually understate the disparity by an order of magnitude. Canada is a sparsely populated country; there are more than nine times as many Americans as Canadians. That means that when adjusted for population, 20 times as many Canadians moved south in 2006 as Americans moved north.

In other words, a typical Canadian is 20 times more likely to decide to move to the U.S. than one of our folks is to move to Canada. Now, which country is the more attractive? For sure, don't ask ABC News as they clearly haven't a clue.