Sunday, August 26, 2007

Political Correctness in Seattle

Two men were acting oddly on a ferry in the Seattle area, taking photos of technical workings and walking into areas labeled "crew only." The Captain took a couple of pictures of them and the FBI would like to talk to them. No one alleges they have necessarily done anything wrong, but their behavior does resemble that of would-be terrorists casing a target. You can see one of the pictures yourself here.

Believe it or not, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer refused to run the picture of the two men. Here is their rationale. See if you agree. Local TV stations did run the pictures.

Some people's self-preservation instinct is so underdeveloped as to make them likely winners of the Darwin Award. True, Seattle is a hotbed of coffee-addicted, tree-hugging, software-writing liberals, leavened with a few Boeing aerospace engineers. In spite of that, you'd think they would understand that ferry boats make wonderful terrorist targets and that they would be the folks doing the dying.

Here is an article that really gets P.O.'ed about political correctness, maybe a little extreme but fun.