Friday, August 31, 2007

Do Dems Have An Electable Major Candidate?

Take a look at this very interesting article by an American working and writing in England. Sarah Churchwell makes the point that, with one notable exception, the only Democrats elected President since FDR have all been Southerners. The exception was Kennedy and that was a long time ago.

Churchwell is making an argument for the Party of the Donkey to take a closer look at John Edwards. On the other hand, senior political observer Robert Novak reports that Edwards isn't popular with the folks who run the Democratic Party:
Once their great hope for the future, Edwards now is massively unpopular among party regulars who neither like nor trust him.

On the surface, he seems a perfect candidate: eloquent, smart, handsome and shrewd. Yet, the prospect of an Edwards-led ticket evokes the deepest apprehension inside the party as another flawed presidential nominee.

If Clinton, Obama, and Edwards are the only likely candidates for the Democrats, and Clinton and Obama have the curse of "northernness" while the party doesn't want Edwards, does that leave the Democrats with an electable candidate? It would appear the answer is "no." If true, that is a relief.