Thursday, December 18, 2014

Equal Outcome Madness

The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy reports the University of Wisconsin, a longtime hotbed of liberalism, has discovered minority students get more than their share of the bad grades in a handful of introductory courses: Chemistry 103, Communication Arts 100, English 100, Mathematics 112, and Psychology 202.
(In) "Grade Gap/Future Gap: Addressing Racial Disparities in L&S [Letters & Science] Introductory Courses." Departments were instructed to implement strategic action plans to “eliminate racial grade gaps by 2014.”

UW-Madison is going through all these contortions because the administration can’t or won’t acknowledge a simple fact: some groups of admitted students are significantly less well prepared for college work.
As the article notes, most teachers of these intro courses are on short-term contracts. They are therefore very susceptible to administrative pressure to equalize grades across groups.

I predict the end result of this policy and its likely sequelae in higher level courses will be recruiters avoiding minority graduates from UWMadison as their grades will not reflect their accomplishments.