Monday, December 1, 2014

Travel Blogging II

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, aboard the Allure of the Seas:  We haven't sailed yet at 3:40 p.m. It takes time to load six thousand pax plus everything they will eat and drink for the next week.

Initial impressions: There are zero movies available for free viewing on the in-room TV. Nearly two hundred are available for such viewing at a charge of $12 or $13 each. There are also many for-fee dining options, a la Norwegian. This leaves an impression of chintziness, of nickel-and-diming us at every turn. 

The ship is sure-as-hell zoomy. There is a bar that "floats" between two floors separated by a mezzanine. Step aboard on one floor, leave on another.  They have wave pools, a zip line, two forty foot climbing walls, etc. They carry a broadway show - Chicago - aboard plus a water show, an ice show and who knows what else, we'll find out as the week goes on.

I visited the "library" this afternoon, it was a pathetic excuse. The facility is nice but there were next-to-no books on the shelves, sad. Shipboard is about the only place where I find time to read. I'll rely on my kindle I suppose.

As I've been writing this we have sailed. I no longer watch the sail away, except in Venice which is a spectacular sight as cruising down the Grand Canal your ship dwarfs the city. We did scan the bow camera feed as we cleared the breakwater.

We have an unusual cabin, an inside balcony which overlooks the open-to-the-sky atrium. There are trees growing within the atrium-type area, it resembles a long, narrow park.