Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Travel Blogging IX

Orlando, FL:  Today was sunny and cool, breezy too. We dressed warmly and never regretted it.  The absence of rain made a big difference in both our experience and in the number of people present onsite - more today.

We still saw people going around in shorts and even some in short sleeves. We asked a couple if they weren't cold and learned they'd left below-freezing temps at home to come to what feels to them like spring weather here. 

It reminds me of a guy who shared a house with me and a third grad student in rainy, gray-skied Oregon. He'd come to Eugene from western Minnesota and Missoula, MT, both cold places. He thought Oregon winters were almost tropical; mostly there was no snow to shovel or ice to slip on. He'd sit around in shorts studying. 

Coming from CA, I found that same rainy weather almost unbearably dreary, depressing, and cold - I lived in a coat. It's all about what you're accustomed to.