Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poll: Ends Justify the Means

I've been waiting for polling on the CIA interrogations to come out, The Pew Research Center has the numbers. Hat tip to The Washington Post for the link. The results are what I had hoped, Americans are okay with what was done.

Fifty-one percent say the methods were justified, only 29% say they were not, and 20% were unsure. Moving to the question of did it produce valuable information, 56% said it did. Another 28% thought not, and 16% had no opinion. Asked if releasing the senate report was a good thing, 43% said "no," 42% said "yes," and 15% didn't know.

To summarize, Americans strongly disagree with the MSM and Sen. McCain about the worth and appropriateness of reported CIA enhanced interrogation tactics. And by a slight plurality they see Sen. Feinstein's report as unhelpful. COTTonLINE agrees.