Thursday, December 4, 2014

Travel Blogging V

At sea, enroute between Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico:  We went exploring today into the Sports Zone, where we played a round of miniature golf on the fancifully named Allure Dunes course. I actually got a hole in one - pure luck, no skill involved. We also watched the zip line riders - relatively tame in terms of length and speed, but it crosses the aft center atrium which is about eight decks high so think eighty feet up.

We also watched kids who spent their youth riding skateboards try to master the Waverider. It's a clever contraption that shoots water up a slope at some speed where the slope mimics a wave front. Some could stay up on the wheelless board for awhile before wiping out, at which point the force of the water pressure swept them up over the top lip and into calmer water so they could stand, retrieve their board, and climb out. The water is nowhere deeper than a foot but moves with great force, enough to push a person uphill.

What this ship does better than any other is entertainment, not just singin' and dancin' but ice shows, water shows with a Cirque flavor, a Broadway show that was a hit, and more. There is a dedicated comedy club too. 

The Allure has on board a foursome who do an Abba tribute that mimics both the sound and look of the original group. We saw it last night and it was a fun show, well done.  A week on this ship resembles a week in Vegas, including casino action and crowds of casually dressed people milling to and fro. 

Tomorrow we are in Cozumel, I plan to skip going ashore as I've been here before. The lure of the Allure is the ship itself, going ashore is entirely optional and frankly secondary.