Saturday, December 6, 2014

Travel Blogging VI

At sea off Havana, enroute to Ft. Lauderdale:  We saw the Blue Planet show last evening, it wasn't up to the standard of the other entertainment on this ship. I think its main problem was the musical arrangements which took good tunes and made them less-than-good. I suppose it was meant to be a celebration of Mother Gaia, the Earth. Parts were okay but it didn't work as a cohesive whole. Tonight we get to pack as we disembark tomorrow a.m. early

We'll spend tomorrow driving to Orlando, turning in the rental car, and settling into our hotel. Oh, and getting our land legs back, too. Monday we will head into Universal Studios, Orlando, to see the new, expanded Harry Potter exhibit which, I understand, recreates Diagon Alley, the wizard shopping "mall." That should be fun. Friend Ed will join us in Orlando for that "leg" of the trip.

My insight about this ship (and her sisters) is that people who've sailed on one may take another to see different shows next time if, as I believe, each carries a different entertainment "package." We've felt no need to visit the specialty restaurants.