Monday, December 8, 2014

Travel Blogging VIII

Orlando, FL:  Florida is supposed to be warm in winter, yes? Not today, it wasn't. It rained lightly much of the day and it was the cold rain we get on the West Coast, not the warm rain for which the southeast is known. Thr DrsC were not warmly enough dressed.

The new Harry Potter section is basically Wizarding London - Diagon Alley and Nocturne Alley plus Kings Cross Station and a full sized rail line connects the new area with the old. All the shops you read about are there, as well as some new ones Universal has dreamed up to fit in with the theme and create a larger scene. 

The dragon Harry freed from Gringotts is draped over the top of the bank building. Every ten minutes it belches fire and roars. Visitors all stand around with their cameras hoping to catch the spectacle. The other DrC took video so I know she succeeded. 

The new rail line is more than transportation, it is a feature itself. Instead of a view of Universal's back lot, what you see out the window is what Harry, Ron and Hermione would see on their way from London to Hogsmead and back plus story-relevant stuff appears to happen in the corridor outside your compartment (a dementor, etc.). More, tomorrow.