Sunday, December 14, 2014

He's Upbeat on California

As regular COTTonLINE readers know, one topic we follow is the current condition of my state-of-origin, California. It is easy to be pessimistic about California, as a resident of Wyoming I often am exactly that.

And yet, the state has enormous assets, a (mostly) wonderful climate, great variety, and enormous beauty. For a contrarian perspective which looks at California's glass as half full, instead of half empty, check out a San Diego Union Tribune interview with Professor Kevin Starr, the state's premier historian and longtime State Librarian. Hat tip to RealClearPolicy for the link.

Interestingly, along the way he tips his hat to Texas, which he compares to CA:
I think we (CA) have incredible problems, but I think we’re also acting out and experiencing those problems on behalf of the nation and acting out some alternatives. And the way Texas is acting out some alternatives in another direction. And I think it’s part of the union, of what the states are supposed to give.
We know from other sources TX is viewed as the state most friendly to business, whereas CA is seen as least friendly. You know what those views mean in terms of job availability and economic growth.

It isn't difficult to imagine a future in which working-age people live and work in states with TX-style policies and later retire to coastal CA as they do to FL and AZ. Meanwhile, the great agricultural central valley of CA will continue with dust-bowl-like poverty.