Saturday, December 8, 2018

Brexit Update

With the caveat that I’m U.S. born and bred, and don’t carry a U.K. passport, I am however an Anglophile. Seeing the U.K., which hasn’t been successfully invaded for nearly 1000 years, willingly submerge its identity in an amorphous “Europe” hasn’t been a delight.

From the vantage point of a friend, I’ve been a supporter of Brexit - the U.K. leaving the EU. The pro-Leave vote was a ray of sunshine. What the Theresa May government has done with that mandate has been appalling.

National Review’s editor-at-large John O’Sullivan has a discussion of where the Brexit process now stands which Leavers will find congenial. He argues that Britain should go for so-called Hard Brexit, just leave and deal with Europe as they deal with non-European nations. It’s somewhat oversimplified but correct in its essentials, I believe.