Saturday, December 15, 2018

Celtic Woman Roadshow

Two nights ago the roadshow version of Celtic Woman came to our little university town in Northern California. The traveling version included three principal singers Mairead Carlin, Eahba McMahon, and Megan Walsh plus violinist Tara McNeill, and they brought a pianist, 2 pipers - Scot and Irish, and a drummer. They were backed by the North State Symphony.

Their program was Christmas music, mostly, and the DrsC enjoyed it a lot. The women are talented singers who put on a good show.

Is it the full experience you get with a televised PBS concert? In a word, no. No costume changes, no massed back-up singers, no close-ups, no choreography and the venue is whatever is available locally.

Oddly, seeing in person performers you’ve repeatedly watched on TV is an eye-opener. Mairead who really sizzles on TV lacked punch live, while Megan was better in person than on TV. Eahba was about the same in both settings as was Tara. Go figure.