Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Mistaken Identity?

Drudge Report links to a story from the Lexington Herald Leader concerning a mysterious sighting, at a distance, on a back road. A woman reports seeing something taller than most humans, the color of a tree (tree trunk, one supposes) which turned and looked at her as she rode in a car driven by her husband, who reports seeing its shadow.

People are talking about Sasquatch sightings, but I have a simpler suggestion. The description sounds much like a tall hunter wearing a ghillie suit, go here to see a Wikipedia description of this camouflage gear.

Developed in chilly Scotland by hunting guides, ghillie suits are quite warm to wear. They are most comfortable in cold weather - the norm this time of year.

The suits are sometimes used by military sniper units. They are effective visually but do not confuse FLIR (infrared) heat sensors.