Monday, December 10, 2018

Brexit Vote Postponed

The Associated Press and other outlets report U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has cancelled the scheduled vote on her widely scorned Brexit ‘deal’ with the EU. It became apparent it was a vote she would lose and cancelling it is a way to keep the deal alive, barely. I really like how The Independent (U.K.) headlined the cancellation:
Today May chose the lesser of two humiliations
Both she and the EU are playing a game of “chicken,” each trying to bluff the other into accepting a bad deal. Most sources suggest she will not be PM much longer, and more than a few suggest she’s been there too long already.

The U.K. needs a Churchillian figure to lead the way forward and, instead, has produced a crop of Lilliputians. The leader of the official opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is vaguely Maoist. May’s competition within the Conservative Party is splintered, none command a majority of its members. While a loser, she remains her party’s least bad alternative, as she’s everybody’s second or third choice.

The Tories (Conservatives) only hang onto power with the coalition help of a small Northern Irish Protestant party, the DUP, whose goals are not those of the Brexit-supporting English. If you think today’s U.K. politics are a mess, you’re right.