Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Roughly 10% of Venezuela's 32 million people have emigrated, the UNHCR estimates 3 million have gone. John Hinderaker of Power Line has the story, borrowed with credit from Jazz Shaw of the Hot Air site.

Hinderaker reminds us of something important, Venezuela's socialism is democratic socialism. Hugo Chavez was elected on a socialist platform and his successor Nicolas Maduro was as well.

The two of them proceeded to run one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America into poverty and starvation. And, as noted, mass emigration.

Magically, the same thing happened to Venezuela that happened in Cuba, for the exact same reasons. Everyone with get-up and go ... got up and went. This leaves behind those without energy, imagination, and the ability to defer gratification.  It is a recipe for disaster, one that essentially never fails to produce that undesired result.

Democratic socialism is the same system Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Whatever-Cortez want us to adopt. If it seems they might succeed, be thinking about where you want to relocate.