Wednesday, December 12, 2018

May Hangs On

The BBC reports Theresa May got 200 of 317 possible votes and will continue as P.M. although 63% is no ringing endorsement. As we wrote a couple of days ago, she remains the Tory’s least bad choice and they stuck with her.

While May got a majority of her Tory party MPs to vote for her, it appears the Brexit agreement she negotiated with the EU cannot pass the entire Parliament. Between Labour, plus SNP, DUP, and anti-EU Tories who either think her agreement is weak (which it is) or don’t approve of Brexit at all, it now looks like it will lose. What happens then is unclear

May has promised she will not lead the Conservative Party into the next general election. As a politician, her promise is of course worth very little.

Snide speculations about how few urgings by her MP colleagues it would take to get her to break her promise are unseemly. That said, I’m guessing five would do it, being generous.