Sunday, December 9, 2018

In Defense of Winter Fair

First-among-equals Power Line contributor, John Hinderaker, is recently returned from a vacation in the U.K., and posts several festive pix of the Christmas decorations he saw in London. His comment:
I keep hearing that Christianity is dying in Europe. Maybe so, but Christmas is thriving, at least in the U.K.
Of course it is, Christmas is a fun holiday regardless of one’s faith, or lack thereof. The beautiful decorations, wonderful music, structured generosity, food, drink, and mistletoe are all amazing.

Far from coincidentally, the “Christmas season” includes the winter solstice which humankind has celebrated since we figured out several thousand years ago that was when autumn’s waning sun began to ‘return.’

Don’t be surprised if Christmas outlives Christianity. It is a fun, festive Winter Fair as cute and easy to love as a teddy bear or Belgian chocolates. Christmas “works” with or without faith, although I’ll grant it is probably better with faith.