Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Failure to Prepare = Preparation to Fail

At the CAP-X website, an article argues that while the May government claims leaving the EU with no deal will be catastrophic, it has done nothing to get the country ready to cope therewith. I would argue the May government wants the British people to suffer mightily in the event they don’t fall in line and approve May’s ‘deal’ with the EU. You can hear them thinking, “It’ll serve them right to suffer, the blind fools.”

Preparing for “no deal” is tantamount to admitting “no deal” is a viable option, which the Mayflies will not admit. By not preparing they very nearly guarantee “no deal” will be tough sledding, but perhaps they calculate that if  “no deal’ becomes reality they will be history anyway, relegated to the opposition back bench or ‘retired’ before their time.

The May ‘deal’ amounts to Brexit-in-name-only, combining the worst aspects of EU membership with the powerlessness of a vassal state. All this because those negotiating the deal never wanted to be in that role to begin with, they were (and secretly still are) “Remainers.” Hat tip to RealClearWorld for the link.