Monday, December 24, 2018

Weird Social Psychology

The College Fix summarizes research reported in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin on the relative attractiveness to women of feminist men vs. men who hold “benevolent sexist” views.
Women prefer men who display “benevolent” sexist attitudes because these indicate men are willing to make an investment — “protect, provide, and commit” — in a relationship.

Dr. David Ley in Psychology Today notes this “benevolent sexism” is “overtly less hostile and misogynistic” than typical sexism, and includes characteristics like believing “women should be ‘put on a pedestal,’” “women should be cherished and protected by men,” and “women are more virtuous than men.”

Sexism is more of an ideology that supports the reasons why we treat women differently.
Old attitudes die hard, if they die at all. Which SJW will be first to posit an explanation of widespread Stockholm syndrome?